Let me start by mentioning that the Bucks have left Twitter and the toxic nature of the site. I support their choice and understand it completely. Wrestling fans, Star Wars fans, Marvel fans. The toxicity of fandoms like these can be overwhelming and that poison is just unneeded. Unlike our current First Lady, who pretends to care about cyber bullying, I at least understand how serious the issue is and am just laughing at those who are responding to the Bucks leaving with even more misguided strikes. It's sad and pathetic. There's a difference between abject criticism and constructive criticism and the recognition that these are people instead of soulless entities.

Now, this week centers around a Christmas party with SCU and the Young Bucks. Great stuff and I love that they referenced the infamous punches from Dynamite as well as the best Christmas film of all time.

Naka and Roberts had a nice segment, complete with a Cena drop. The humor of this series alone makes me wonder why some fans continue to skip it. I regret taking so long myself to get into it.

Drunk Hangman searches for Kenny to say he's sorry, steals Darby's skateboard, gets read to by Leva, and passes out before he can apologize. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued on the direction of this angle.

Please tell me Kris is going to be hanging around the Best Friends (and Orange)!

They mention the rut the Elite are in right now again. I had an interesting debate in my group on Facebook about this subject that you might find of interest.

Silver seems to be pushing back on the idea of being in the Dark Order, which could be okay but I still think they should keep the angle in the midcard for now.

In all, BTE once again hooked me and was rather fitting for the holidays.