Kenny and the Bucks flaunt their acting skills in regards to last week's tag match with Page and Omega versus Kip and Spears.

The Bucks stand outside the arena in Garland, name drop PWG, and build to their Texas Street Fight that already happened, and play tour guide.

Kaz scares Kiss in one of the more entertaining ongoing gags of BTE and then MJF tricks half of Private Party into kissing his ring. Gotta love MJF.

Omega has Nakazawa feeling self-conscious. Why do I have a feeling Naka is going to get bigger by slapping a suit on?

The Beaver Boys look to be joining to Dark Order, which I'm mainly just hoping means more Silver on AEW television. Especially if DJ starts using more of my ideas...

Page looks to have a drinking problem which, if they lean on I hope they handle properly.

Leva and Swole shared a moment...

CD is hung up on the botch and Penta in general, which I'm happy to see they're not done with. A plunder blowoff might be fun.

Oh, and props on the MJ flu game style performance. I think everyone needs to give a shout out of credit for that. I just got over the flu but still feel drained as fuck and during the flu was knocked completely on my ass.

A lot going on this week with a lot of entertainment as usual with nice developments along the way. Click play before tonight's episode if you haven't already.

Oh, and no mailbag this week, sadly.