1.SCU vs Private Party ***1/4
2.Baker vs Machiko NR
3.Stratlander vs Bea ***1/4
4.Best Friends vs TH2, PAC ***1/2

The Bucks plug their title shot to kick this one off, we get a run down of the episode card, and then we are given Vickie Guerrero of all fucking people as the guest commentator this week. She did a decent job and got a nice pop. I actually love how the commentary format they use for Dark. Can we get Taz back soon?

Private Party have cooled down a lot in the past few months. It's part of the parity of AEW on display but a bit surprising. SCU falling to them here wasn't likely but I feel maybe as a result this shouldn't have been booked at all. Alas, it was but it at least gave the champs a nice win before their title defense on this week's Dynamite so that's good. Plus, in an added bonus, this tag was good.

Baker and Stratlander face off tonight on Dynamite in a #1 contenders match. Nice. Tonight, she worked an extended squash of sorts versus Texas indie girl, Machiko. Decent enough.

The theme of getting people a win before bigger matches continued next, though this time with a longer time count. Bea is a bigger name and Kris is still being tested out, so that's fair. Oh, and to Janela saying people fear Bea in's because she can be hit or miss and dangerous at times. Janela referencing his Beyond match with Kris was cool, though. The match was another good one for the evening and the finish was pretty sick.

This is an entertaining episode even if nothing has quite hit recommendation levels.

Kris gave a scifi interview promising to beat Baker on Dynamite.

Trios time. I hope we actually get more belts in 2020 when AEW settles in more. Trios straps would be one of the best moves. A midcard too unless they plan on putting that ring on the line, but there seems to be no sign of that instead treating it closer to a King of the Ring situation. Maybe a title specifically for Dark, in the vein of a TV title? Orange's pop when he got the tag was awesome as was his entire run in the match, as usual. Pour me some OJ. Hart being in the audience was loosely referenced. In all, this really was a pretty good, crowd pleasing main event and PAC in general coming off as a grade-A dick was a nice rider for it.

I had a lot of fun watching this one. Give it a play.

Overall Rating: 70/100%