About Me

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Hey, so I never officially did this. Better late than never? Completely unnecessary? Whatever, so I'm 30, married, and have two kids. I rarely sleep, too. I've been a fan of wrestling since I was a little asshole in elementary school who was being bullied for whatever shitty reasons the other kids thought of that week. You know, typical stuff.

I'll spare all the overly personal details here.

I grew tired of WWE's brand of wrestling around 2008. When I was young I wanted any wrestling I could get my hands on, enjoying WCW, ECW, etc. I would watch lucha libre when I could figure out when it was on. My spanish has always been iffy despite living largely in hispanic areas. It's my fault, and a regret I have. My italian is a bit better and I know some japanese, too.

Anyway, japanese wrestling became a big part of keeping me a fan and I am always looking for great wrestlers and promotions that are hidden gems or just under the radar. Frequent visitors here know this well.

Like most fans, eventually I tried to find more like minded people to talk about my passion with. I had a few pals that were into wrestling but not many. Sadly, I discovered that most of the groups online were filled with children, people who act like children, and people who refuse to hear about anything other than WWE and how "amazing it is". I eventually started my own group, stealing away any members I could find that didn't fit those parameters. Look on the right side of the blog for the link. I try to be pretty selective, making it a little workhorse group. I've only found one other group I truly like and that's this one. If you want to join my group, know that you are required to answer the questions that are sent to you when attempting to join and that we don't tolerate bullying, trolls, or anything derogatory towards women, the lgbtq+ community, etc.

A few years ago, I was in a pretty fucked up car accident. I broke my back in two spots and my knee is also damaged. During my recovery, I got really into video editing. I started with the shitty program that Windows used to come with, making my own shows that featured a variety of random matches I enjoyed. I had two at first. One was called Mejor de la Lucha Libre and the other PrimeTimePuro. Neither are on YouTube anymore because they kept cracking down on me. I eventually had another called No Wrestling Limitations which I ran for a season. That too is no longer on YT for the same reason. I have a new one called Red's Wrestling Show but I am trying to be more careful now and I have only actually made one episode so far. The next episode will be a little different, whenever I managed to make it.
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I also have used my experience to get a few gigs. I worked for GALLI for a while but it just stopped being mutually beneficial. I helped with something recently for them, but that might be the end of things. I also currently help CZW. I've spoken with IWTV about a gig but am in limbo right now. If you know a promotion needing help, let me know.

I'm a musician, too. Occasionally I use that to help in my projects.
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My biggest goal of the group and this blog is to help fans find something new. I look for matches that interest me or that are recommended to me from varying sources and review them to help bring you readers the best of the best. It's a passion and I sincerely hope this is helping some of you.

Next year, I might change things up a bit. I have no idea what will stick and I'll refrain from detailing much of my plans in case they change drastically, but the blog will continue to promote the cream of the crop when it comes to professional wrestling. That much will remain true as long as I am alive.

Remember, I am no longer covering WWE at all, though. You can find coverage for them basically anywhere else.

I also have a few video projects I am working on, including a documentary on classic All Japan.

Lastly, I do cover a few other fandoms here when I can/want to. A few include comics, tabletop rpgs, video games, and other sports.
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Either way, thanks sincerely to all who visit the blog and please continue to check in from time to time. I try to update this thing frequently!