Kongoh Produce: DIAMOND Review

1.Sekimoto vs Inamura ***
2.Kongoh (Kenou, Masa) vs Anti-Wrestlers Alliance **1/2
3.Kongoh (Hao, Nio) vs Junta, Seiya ***1/2
4.Go, Kaito, Sugiura vs Kongoh (Kenou, Masa, Inamura) ***1/2

I watch very few full events these days, but I love NOAH and I love Kenou and this just seemed interesting. You can skip about 25 minutes in, by the way.

We start with a fun hoss battle opener. While it wasn't really must-see, it was a good start to the show in general that used the time well. Considering that Inamura was double booked, maybe that's why this was slightly toned down? Sekimoto gave some middle fingers on his way out while Yoshiki played dead.

Up next, Kenou and Masa evened things up for the unit on the evening as Kongoh moves to 1-1. This was a bit rough around the edges, but the average age of their opponents surpassed 50. The red bois still looked good either way, too.


The three spot saw a nice surprise, as Hi69 and Kenbai rebranded themselves and joined the heel unit. I was a bit surprised they didn't attack early instead but the layout worked out about as expected considering who was involved. High energy tag action here and I like how well Nio and Hao gelled already. Last I see any record of them working together was in 2015 in K-Dojo but I don't see any where they teamed together. All of what I saw was 20+ older matches against each other. They could be a very good team very quickly at this rate.

Closing the show, the NOAH home group took down the boys of the evening in six-man action. I suppose having either a tag champ, national champ, or heavyweight champ take the fall was asking a bit much on a produce gig. Some tensions between Go and Kaito before their upcoming title match were a side story here. In all, it was a borderline great main event and a nice way to close the show.

This show won't blow any minds, but as far as a produce show goes it was fun and went by fast. Consider it but don't make any rush to click play if you have a lot on your plate.

Kenou promises that his rebels will bring a shine to NOAH in 2020. I have no doubt.

Overall Thoughts: 70/100%