ONE Championship Weekly 10/02 Review

1.ONE Women's StraweightTitle: Xiong vs Teo NR
2.ONE Muay Thai Flyweight Title: Haggerty(c) vs Rodtang **1/2

This week we start with a package promoting Aung versus Vera by showing Aung's build to the top before turning to Brandon.

As usual, this was very well done.

The Panda and her boxing skills get the next focus. She's my favorite female fighter right now, by the way. That sets up our first fight coverage of the night, starting in the 4th and Teo was all kinds of fucked up at that point. Wave the white flag, girl. That's how Xiong won gold and I encourage all to check it out.

Fun start to the action.

Goncalves talked about his life and then we get a muay thai championship fight starting in the 5th to close things. Solid enough with both going the distance but nothing major.

This was far from must see but, as always, but I always tend to have fun even when the fights aren't all required viewing. Skip it unless you're the same.

Overall Rating: 60/100%