Select Match Reviews: Victory on the Horizon

Matches from NOAH N-1 Victory 08/29
1.Mochizuki vs Kenou ****1/4
2.Go vs Masa ****1/2

My pulls from the event are tournament matches and the two matches that really caught my attention from the card, but note that the embedded video above is the entire 08/29 gig if you want to see it.

Now, admittedly most of the matches from the tournament so far have actually let me down a bit. It's not that they've been generally bad or anything. I just don't think that most of them have been as good as I expected they'd be before clicking on them.

That theme was far from true here, though...

Up first, my favorite NOAH roster member took on the best guest in the N-1. Truly, fantastic stuff on display here. Honestly, this just makes me want Mochizuki in NOAH more often and I just always want more Kenou contest either way. Make sure you check that one out for sure.

The main event was a MOTYC and an all around awesome showcase that made Masa come off as a star and once again proved that Go Shiozaki is one of the best dudes in the game.

In all, these two were well worth the time and easy recommendations. Check them out as soon as possible.