ONE Championship Weekly 09/04 Review

1.Nong-O vs Pinca ***

It's been a little while since I've tuned in to ONE's weekly series, so let's try to break that recent trend.

This week's episode kicked off with the great video packages building up the fighters and matches that ONE does better than any other mma fed.

Our first fight (and only fight of the night) was from 2018, and saw Nong-O's ONE debut, starting with the 2nd round. The third is where the action really picked up, though and both came off looking well. Good fight and a good introduction to Nong-O for those unfamiliar with the star.

The installment was bookmarked with more solid package work. Seriously, ONE makes you care about their talent in a way that UFC never could.

I actually think this is a perfect first introduction to ONE for newcomers and I couldn't have picked a better episode to get back to watching. Note that they had a show today (their first in Vietnam) and they also have shows on October 13th and 25th, too.

If you're a regular viewer, you can skip this. If you're new to ONE, check it out.

Overall Rating: 70/100%