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Week of 08/18-08/24

1.Murphy vs Bryan ***1/2
WWE Smackdown
Very good stuff here. Part of why I will always be a fan of Bryan is his willingness to put someone over. Murphy could easily be a main event player if they book him correctly and a win over the American Dragon here should be a big part of that. Now, will WWE fuck this up, though? We'll have to wait and see.

2.Captain's Challenge Elimination Rules Tag: Team Oney vs Team Gulak ***3/4
WWE 205Live
The cruiserweights once again put up the TV match of the week here. Some of the language used by the commentary team have me fearing that there might be more weight to the rumors that the show is being blended with NXT soon, though. Perhaps I'm over reading it. Anyway, this was very enjoyable stuff and worth checking out. I just wish they had refrained from the backstage cutaways. That said, it was still a great cluster and this is a WWE product so I can't be too picky.

3.Street Fight: LA Park vs Havoc **1/4
MLW Fusion
Perhaps I expected too much but this was a disappointing match and never really felt like much of anything for me. The right guy won but that's about the only real good thing of note. Outside of that it was just a touch above average.