We start with some sad news, as the Tag belts are being vacated due to injury.

Pantera gets a flash pin to earn a shot at the Cruiserweight belt to start the action section and then the Enfants rolled on in convincing fashion.

Both were from the 07/28 show.

Soya and Kondo placed a challenge to Ashino and Yusuke to a match for the vacant belts.

Jumping ahead to 08/01...

W1 spend the next large portion of this week's episode with some solid looking filler matches of their typical variety. People don't give them enough credit for the diversity of their roster. Also, why keep a broken chair around your head well after a match, into the backstage area, and give an interview with it still wrapped around your head?

I have no idea what they're doing with Reika, the Strong Hearts remain awesome, Oh, and Inaba made a statement pinning Seiki in tag action using a cool, elevated tiger suplex.

The Tag Title match had a bit of interference. The right team won, with an interesting finish. If you aren't going to have Ashino holding or challenging for the top prize, he should be holding tag gold so it's a good call. It gives him something good to do and elevates the belts.

The big news from the episode, other than the new champs, was the challenge that followed.

El Lindaman came out and announced that he is challenging them with the newest member of Strong Hearts, Shigehiro Irie!!!

I wonder if Irie will be involved in other Strong Hearts stuff, like a return to DDT or some stuff with AEW...

Watch this one if you're a fan of W1.