PCW Ultra MUTINY #3 Review

1.Ultra Women's Title: Tessa(c) vs Jordynne ***1/4
2.Ultra Heavyweight Title: Mil Muertes(c) vs Maff ***

I was going to just see if anything from this week's episode caught my eye to include on the weekly roundup I do, but the whole episode won me over enough to watch one more full installment. Props to them for that, I suppose.

Always nice to see Knox getting work.

The opener lacked polish at times but was still a fun defense and a good way to kick off the episode. The promo after was well done, too. I hope Tessa remains champ for a while because she should be one of the focal points of the show.

The middle of the series focused on promoting the promising matches of next week's event.

We closed with the top belt on the line. Mesias has slowed down a lot after his injuries but remains a serviceable talent. I was surprised to see he was the champ, though. Personally, I would have had Sami go over, but the brass clearly has a plot they're building even if we're starting late into it. A heavy hispanic fandom the company seems to have might be of note in this, too. Maybe they think Mil appeals more to their base. The dude is respected, so...

Anyway, the main event was good stuff with a nice use of smoke and mirrors. Neither contest was really must-see, but both ensured the episode was entertaining enough to make an hour feel like thirty minutes.

Watching PCW Ultra comes off a bit like an alternative universe version of viewing Impact Wrestling. That's in no way a bad thing, but something to mention since I know they still have a stigma around them. Even if you aren't into Impact, consider checking out MUTINY. It's been a solid show three weeks running, has a good roster, and honestly this episode is a perfect starting point so that you can see the two, top champs in action getting big wins.

Give it a click if you want something new.

Overall Rating: 70/100%