Wrestling TV Roundup: July 2019 (Week 3)

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Week of 07/14-07/20
Shorter list than usual this week, but these are the ones I really wanted to see the most and I am trying to catch up on other stuff instead of random matches that just intrigue me. Plus, I was working on a hype video for CZW which took up a bit of time.

1. AAA Cruiserweight Title: Laredo Kid(c) vs Vikingo ****1/4
AAA Worldwide
Fantastic work, showcasing both perfectly in a spotfest clash. Laredo has been one of the best guys in the lucha game for a while and Vikingo has a future so bright that I think he's the next Rey Mysterio. Watch this one.

2. MLW Tag Titles, Ladder: Hart Foundation(c) vs Dynasty ***1/2
Pretty good ladder match with a decent mixture of things working in its favor. Dynasty winning here makes me feel, even more so, that the Openweight belt was made just to get gold on all of these guys. I've seen many that are much higher on this one than myself.

3. Gable vs Gallagher ***3/4
Over a month ago, Gable debuted on 205 and had a very good match against Jack. The finish was a bit fudged, but shit happens. Sadly, since then, Chad's been stuck on live event duty. We finally got a rematch and it rocked! Great stuff and I really hope they start using him as a regular now.

4. Familia PARK vs Familia Munoz ***1/2
CMLL Viernes
I have a love-hate relationship with this one. The Rush/Park rivalry is one of my favorites in wrestling and all of the matches tend to be enjoyable but CMLL refuses to pull the trigger on it fully. The big show is coming up and the fact that they refused to allow either to talk on the mic after says a lot. Consider watching this trios contest but don't expect it to go anywhere any time soon. It was very good, nearly great, though there was a fucked up botch in the third due to Bestia messing up for the 1000th time.

5. Relevo CMLL: Liger vs Caristico vs Negro Casas vs Ultimo Guerrero ***
CMLL Viernes
Liger says goodbye to Arena Mexico with this one. Note that this is how CMLL decided to do a four way and it's a tad different than you're usually used to. They are the oldest promotion in the world, though, so we're the weird ones. When I was a kid, this is actually how I made four ways work when playing with my toys, by the way. Only had two hands, after all. Anyway, it was fun and a nice moment so if you are a Liger fan (who isn't?) than you need to go ahead and click above. The good news is that it's actually a good contest and not only novelty.

Bonus: CNL National Women's Title: Engel(c) vs Alexandra NR
CNL has provided something entertaining nearly every week since the show began and the women's division in particular has gotten my interest, so I made sure to include this title defense on the list this week. So, that said, this wasn't a match as much as it was a brawl and a general segment to set up a future match. I look forward to seeing that contest but skip this unless you want to see the build.

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