Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #2

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Matches from G1 Climax Nights 5-7

Night Five
1.EVIL vs SANADA ***1/2
2.Tanahashi vs Sabre ***3/4
3.Ospreay vs Kota ****1/4

Night Six
4.Naito vs Goto ***3/4
5.Ishii vs Moxley ****1/2

Night Seven
6.KENTA vs EVIL ***1/2
7.Okada vs Ospreay ****3/4

The hits keep coming, this time with two true MOTYC level matches and another that was close. The story telling is matching the action, too.

The LIJ brotherhood battle between SANADA and EVIL was very enjoyable and the winner was a surprise to me. Also, from night five, Tana and Sabre had a great battle once again showing that even a banged up Hiroshi is one of the best wrestlers in the world. The evening closed with a fantastic contest between my wrestler of the year and the suicidal Kota.

Night six saw a great match with Naito and Goto and a hell of a war featuring Ishii and Mox that has to be seen by all fans!

We finish on night seven for now, starting with EVIL and KENTA who had a very good match with KENTA looking closer to his old self than he has in years. The last match was one of my favorites this year, with the two champion CHAOS members killing it in an awesome display of what makes wrestling so damn entertaining.

Watch all of these!

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