Match from Defiant Wrestling Built to Destroy
1.Defiant World Title: Rampage(c) vs Starr ***

Defiant has put out the entire Built to Destroy event on YouTube for free right now, so let's take a look at the match I cared about from the show.

David Starr is a worker that I like not just as an in-ring performer, but also as a person. The guy is sincerely awesome and he works his ass off. Promotions are finally taking notice.

Rampage is serviceable.

Now, the match was good and the right guy did win, but it'd be lying if I called it truly recommendable. The general flow was lacking at times and the circus act restart stuff did little for me. That said, I have a feeling that fans that still say the WWF Attitude Era put out the best content ever will enjoy it more than I did. Something worth considering.

So, skip this unless that defines your stance on wrestling.