Match from Wrestle Gate: Enter the Dragons
1.Takeshita vs Ridgeway ***1/2

So, one of UK's newest promotions, Wrestle Gate, turned up on most people's radars due to the PAC versus Page match. I had actually heard of them prior, but haven't watched much of their content. YouTube decided that wasn't okay and knew I needed another Takeshita match in my life so this one showed up on my recommended videos.

First off, props to Wrestle Gate for booking this at all. I know the promoter brings in a lot of Japanese talent in general, so I hope he is able to make the brand into something big!

The match itself was very good, but I do have a few minor issues. The biggest is a stretch of off camera action taking place which sucked down the overall rating a tad. The finish also sucked a tad, but it is what it is. My only other real issue was the commentary was iffy, but that's true basically everywhere.

Outside of that, this was worth the time I spent watching it and something I encourage fans of either talents to check out. Give it a click above.