Being the Elite #162 Thoughts

We kick off with more Librarian comedy. Good stuff.

Marko had a bigger role this time, with a Gunn section and then joining up with Jungle and Luchasaurus.

The Knox stuff continues to rock!

Dark Order's promos are some of the best right now and I hope more fans are finally realizing who these guys actually are.

BTEmailbag kicked off with Page talking about riding to ring on a horse and then about former students and how Diante can fuck off.

Nakazawa says AEW should have a midcard title but also a preshow strap. Please, no. Jokes aside, I fear if they ever use a certain DDT belt that WWE diehards unaware of the belt will go on a rant for a week.

Omega closed the mailbag explaining his use of boing since some fans didn't understand...somehow...

The episode ended with the Bucks accepting the ladder match challenge, using Google translate, and masking up. Ladder of death, Bay Bay! The AAA Tag belts will be on the line again, by the way.

Once again, this is fun stuff.

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