WRESTLE-1 TV #119 Thoughts

We get action from the 07/18 show this week.

Kaz takes down Kamura to start. The kid has some potential. The next contest didn't look nearly as interesting but the joshi tag made up for it and the six-man looked even better. Ashino remains not only the ace of W1, but one of the most entertaining workers in Japan. He's looking to get back on track and everyone needs to keep an eye out for the target on their backs.

The show's semi, a cruiserweight style tag affair, looked ok from what they showed. The attack after was a nice touch. Speaking on targets on their back, the cruiserweight division is all seemingly coming after the belt.

As usual of late, the best looking stuff came from the Strong Hearts who closed the event out in six-man action against the Grand Prix winner who teamed up with Pantera and Koji. This worked well to build toward the big title defense between T-Hawk and Inaba.

The episode closed with promos and video packages. In all, a good road to style episode!

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