Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 05/05/19
1.WWE Title: Kofi(c) vs Bryan ***1/4
2.WWE Title: Kofi(c) vs Styles vs Sami ***1/2
3.No DQ: Akira vs Kanellis ***
4.Riddle vs Cole ***3/4

A quick reminder that I will not be watching or reviewing anything related to WWE that can't be found on Hulu or YouTube. So, no NXT UK and no special events (outside of preshow stuff and TakeOver shows).

Kofi defended his title twice this week on television, and both made the list. From what I've heard, the defense versus Bryan was the only thing of the three hours worth seeing. The Smackdown match was a bit better from the two.

Over on 205, Akira got a rare good match out of Mike Kanellis. Looking at the cards and results, it appears that they are trying to work out the kinks on filling the hole left by the recent moves. I'd love to see Tozawa get a title run. I love that he still wears Dragon Gate references, by the way.

The last pull of the week was the WWE match of the week. Cole and Gargano are set for a huge rematch soon, so this worked very well on building toward that. If you only have time for one thing here, make it this one.

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