Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 04/29/19
1.Nese vs Gulak ***1/4
2.Ohno vs KUSHIDA ***

Only two things caught my eye this go around and none of them lived up to my own hype. There was a third, but I'm not going out of my way for NXT UK stuff anymore.

If it isn't on Hulu, I won't be watching nor reviewing from it. They make a fraction off of me when I watch via Hulu and I refuse to give them $10 a month. They make plenty as is, and don't care about fans anyway. So, that means only select stuff from Raw, SD, 205, and NXT as well as TakeOver events will be covered here.

Have I mentioned that AAA has been doing better ratings than WWE by the way. Felt like a decent place to mention it. Recently, they even did bigger numbers on their one show than WWE did on their entire week of content.

A big part of this blog is meant to help fans that stumble upon it recognize their options are far from limited. Never forget that.

So, to the matches.

The first pull was a fairly good one. Nese starts his run off strong by taking down Drew. I wonder how far they'll go with Nese as they transition after they moved some of their big names recently. Something to keep an eye on. I'd love to see Oney get a title run eventually, by the way.

The last pull was KUSHIDA's debut in NXT against the brand gatekeeper, and it was a good match that introduced him well to the crowd. To be fair, I am sure those live at Full Sail know who he is but everyone basically starts off fresh in NXT. I hope he does well during his run and wish him the best.

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