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Matches from Impact Wrestling Rebellion
1.X-Division Title, OvE Rules: Swann(c) vs Callihan ***3/4
2.Gail Kim vs Tessa ***3/4
3.Impact World Title: Impact(c) vs Cage **
4.Impact Tag Titles, Full Metal Mayhem: Lucha Bros(c) vs LAX ****1/4

The first pull here was a great hardcore match, even if I am still unsure why Sami is in the X-Division picture. Oh well, the division is pretty random at times. Either way, watch that defense for sure.

The second saw Gail Kim return, apparently for just one night, and the outcome went as well as expected. She hasn't lost a step. It helps a bit that she was up against one of the best women in the America scene, of course. Great match that really put over Tessa as the true star of the division, even if she isn't holding the belt right now.

The World Championship contest was decent, but far from the level I was hoping for. It was overbooked a bit and the injury to Cage hurt things. At least he finally won the title, and Elgin being revealed after as a new roster member was well done and makes for a fantastic addition. Nice seeing Storm here, too.

The main event closed things on a high note, as LAX and the Lucha Bros once again killed it! I'm glad they pulled the trigger on making this full metal mayhem. Props to Impact for not only booking this, but making it the main event. They treat tag team wrestling better than nearly any other promotion in America, and I appreciate that. I wish the crowd had been as excited as I was, but I thought this was fantastic and a truly fun gimmick clash.

Impact has been very underrated since they made the big changes recently, and this was more proof that they are worth checking out. Give these a look and then consider watching more of their recent stuff.

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