Select Match Reviews: A New Princess

Match from Tokyo Joshi Pro Yes! Wonderland: Opportunity is There
1.Princess of Princess Title: Miyu(c) vs Shoko ***1/2

TJP has quickly become a favorite for joshi fans, actually challenging STARDOM a bit for popularity in many circles. This DDT sister promotion is poised for a huge breakout, so it is important to have the right face as champ moving into that direction. Is Nakajima the right person? I'll reserve judgement for now.

There was a pretty iffy dive cut-off spot early on, and a few whiffed shots throughout, but this was a pretty good match in all.

I would have preferred to see Miyu retain, but I am interested in seeing where this goes. And, if nothing else, at least she is still SHINE Champ.

Consider this one but don't rush.

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