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Matches from FREEDOMS THE Gekokujo 2019
1.Tubes & Ladder Death: Takeda vs Toru ***3/4
2.King of FREEDOM Title, No Canvas Death: Kasai(c) vs Fukimoto ***

Big Japan might be the kings of death, but FREEDOMS is close behind and I tend to really enjoy the stuff they put out.

In a perfect world, Takeda would still be champ, but he proved once again that he is a king either way in a great, brutal match that really put Toru over, too.

The main event proved that Jun is still one of the craziest dudes in the game, and that if Takeda can't be champ he's the perfect guy to hold the gold. In many ways, Takeda is Kasai 2.0 in my mind. Anyway, this started with a seated exchange of tube shots for reference but a lot of the rest of the first half felt lethargic. On the flip side, the big package piledriver through the glass bridge spot and what followed were worth seeing. In all, this is below the rating that I'd call recommendable, but it wasn't bad and if you cut the first half it is much better overall.

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