Select Match Review: Iron Ring

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Match from ROH Masters of the Craft
1.Ironman: Gresham, Lethal vs Haskins, Tracy ***3/4

Gresham is one of the best wrestlers in the world, in my opinion, but he rarely gets booked very well. I know not everyone can be a main event guy, but I always thought he should at least be a heavily booked midcarder at the very least. Well, it looks like his team with Lethal might be the best thing for him now because this was arguably the best he's been positioned while he's been in Ring of Honor.

The match itself was great. I really enjoy what they are doing with Lifeblood, and I hope they keep this up. I've said that for every Bully Ray and Allure moment this year they've had something that makes up for it and this is one such example. It just sucks that they have such a split personality right now.

Even if you dislike the current direction of ROH, check this one out.

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