Select Fights Reviews: Early 2019 Roundup

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Know that I don't really watch UFC these days, for several reasons, but I am getting back into watching mma more regularly again and I wanted to check out some stuff I missed from early in the year. These are five that caught my eye. Remember to look for more Bellator and ONE reviews in the future!

1.Gaol vs Tomar ***1/4
ONE: Eternal Glory 01/19
This one was fairly good, and I'm happy to see that ONE has decent depth in their women's divisions. A lot of potential on display.

2.ONE Strawweight Title: Pacio(c) vs Saruta ***1/2
ONE: Eternal Glory 01/19
I see I'm not alone in thinking this was controversial. Even so, this was a hard worked fight with both coming off as pretty evenly matched and a pretty good title fight in all.

3.Pico vs Corrales NR
Bellator 214 01/26
Everyone loves a good knockout, and when it's a comeback KO it's even better. This was far too short to rate, but if you want a quick one this was fun.

4.Girtz vs Saad ****1/2
Bellator 219 03/29
This is exactly the type of fight I love and a freaking fantastic contest. The heart on display here is the stuff movies are made of. Check this one out asap!

5.ONE Women's Strawweight Title: Xiong(c) vs Lee ***3/4
ONE: A New Era 03/31
We start and finish with women's action. The champ showed a lot of confidence, coming off pretty cocky but she backed it up with a noteworthy performance which included surviving a very deep triangle just to come back and finish off Angela in the 5th. Great stuff! Consider me a fan of the Panda going forward!

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