GALLI Underground Review

1.Pentagon, Rey Horus, Dragon vs Golden Magic, Gringo Loco, Bandolero ***1/4
2.GALLI Title: Fenix(c) vs Aeroboy ***3/4

Fun fact, but I used to work with GALLI doing video production work. It sadly never worked out, but they put out a decent product that goes under the radar and you should certainly consider checking them out on IWTV as well as keep an eye out for when +Lucha shares some stuff from them. 

This trios match was entertaining, working to set a nice tone with a fairly good match. The main event did well to live up to the hype set by their 2018 match. A better finish would have been nice, but this was still great.

These Lucha Snack videos from +Lucha tend to be pretty enjoyable experiences, and this is no exception. Give it a click and have a good time.

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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