ONE Championship Weekly 05/29/19 Review

1.ONE Atomweight Kickboxing Title: Chuang(c) vs Stamp ***1/4
2.Muay Thai: Han vs Che Wil NR
3.Kickboxing: Zhang vs  Yusuf **3/4
4.Thani vs Tan NR

A lot of flashbacks in this episode. The opener starts in the 4th round, showcasing Stamp nicely as she goes on to win gold. I love her confidence level and her enthusiasm is contagious.

We follow that up with a quick muay thai super series bout. A complete mismatch, with Azwan being outclassed in every way. At least it was short.

The only recent fight came in the three spot and was a fairly decent little contest that kept the episode flowing well enough.

We close things on a Thani showcase, showing his 6th win in ONE. He has gone on to drop three since to bring his record to 9-3. Decent way to finish the episode.

This week's ONE Championship Weekly largely played it safe, and is one of the more skippable episodes I've seen of the show. If you must, just watch the opener in anticipating of the upcoming Stamp fight and consider skipping the rest.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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