This roundup edition will actually feature matches from the last two weeks, as I catch up. This includes stuff from 04/08-04/20. They will, as usual, be listed chronologically.
1.Smackdown Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs Hardys ***
2.Cruiserweight Title: Nese(c) vs Murphy ***3/4
3.NXT UK Women's Title: Storm(c) vs Jinny ***
4.Andrade vs Finn ***1/4
5.Finn vs Ali ***1/2
6.Oney vs Alexander ***1/2
7.North American Title: Velveteen(c) vs Murphy ***3/4

Two weeks worth of content, cut down to seven worthwhile matches. The star here was easily the former face of 205Live, Buddy Murphy. He just killed it, featuring in two great title matches. If you are behind on WWE, just stick to these and you're getting the best stuff.