Select Match Reviews: Tijuana Crash

Matches from The Crash 04/13/2019
1.Flamita vs Titan vs Brooks vs Black Danger vs Rey Horus ***1/4
2.NGD vs Rebelion Amarilla ***1/4

The Crash deserves more love than they get, but there are many reasons why not many people seem to check them out. Their streaming habits are pretty high on that list of negatives, but let's not focus on that. Instead, we'll just dig in and check these two pulls out.

The first match here was a bit messy at times, but it was a fairly good mindless spotfest. Rey Horus was the mvp here, but Brooks got a lot of time to shine.

The main event saw Hijo del Fantasma, who recently left AAA, join The Crash's big Rebelion Amarilla faction. That's pretty big, and seeing him across the ring from NGD was awesome. The shit finish sucked a bit, but worked to set up a rematch (that they requested for Arena Mexico) as well as teased Rey Horus joining Rebelion Amarilla, too. 450 acting like a fucking battering ram was my favorite spot of the contest.

While neither of these require you to rush and see them, at least consider checking one or both out. Either way, seeing the developments made here have me very hopeful for what's next.

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