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Matches from Wrestlemania 35
1.Cruiserweight Title: Murphy(c) vs Nese ***1/2
2.Universal Title: Brock(c) vs Seth NR
3.Smackdown Tag Titles: Usos(c) vs The Bar vs Nakamura,Rusev vs Black,Ricochet   ***1/4
4.WWE Title: Bryan(c) vs Kofi ****
5.Raw/SD Women's Title Unification: Ronda(r) vs Flair(s) vs Becky ***1/4

Yea, I'm watching this much later than I expected but moving half way across the country is tiring work. Anyway, these are the matches that interested me the most.

The 205 showcase was pretty good, as expected. Nese as champ is a fun move and I look forward to watching his run. Murphy had a very underrated reign and I sincerely hope he isn't screwed over too badly on Raw. 205 is now the PAB!

The Universal match was too short to qualify for a * score, but it was fun for what it was and it's nice seeing Seth as the champ again. Very Attitude Era style stuff.

The cluster tag for the Smackdown Tag belts was a fairly good sprint. It could have arguably used a minute or two more and a bit more structure, but it was entertaining either way.

The match of the night was easily the Bryan versus Kofi contest. Dramatic storytelling and great action. This was what a big Wrestlemania match is supposed to be and, outside of the history making outcome, it was simply a fantastic title match. Go out of your way to watch this one if you missed it.

My last pull of the night was the main event, which was another moment of history. The first half was actually very good, but the action got sloppy towards the end and it largely sucked out a lot of the momentum that they had built up. Still, a fairly good match and Becky as the top dog of the division was a fun way to end the show.

Wrestlemania might not be as big of a deal to me these days, but these were all enjoyable and if you've failed to make time for the show consider watching these and skipping the rest. Cutting the fat like this will save you hours of time.