Select Match Reviews: No Ring, No Problem

Match from MurderMania Night One
1.No Ring: Ugly Ducklings vs Gym Nasty Boyz NR

The Ducks and GNB are always fun together, so why not throw them together in a match with no ring...

Sure, why the fuck not?

Have you ever gone to a random indie band's show at some random bar? That's the setting here. The ref is wearing a beanie and sun glasses. The walls are covered in flyers. I can guarantee you that someone is doing coke in the restroom. You only see stuff like this in Japan. I wish there had been a local band playing during the match, but that's my only complaint. I mean, I'd be lying if I said this wasn't entertaining as hell.

There's no way to rate something like this, but give it a click and have fun.

I need a shower.

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