Select Match Reviews: Increible de Parejas Roundup

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1.Semi A: Cavenario, Titan vs Caristico, Mephisto ***1/2
2.Semi B: Ultimo Guerrero, Volador vs Mistico, Cuatrero ***1/4
3.Finals: Cavenario, Titan vs Ultimo Guerrero, Volador ***3/4

There's a few things to know for those interested in checking out more than just these three, and have never seen one of these before. The Incredible Pairs tournament is CMLL grouping heels and faces together into two blocks, across three nights of action. Tournaments in CMLL tend to be largely skippable, outside of ciberneticos, and you likely are much better off just watching these three matches instead of all three nights of action. Just a heads up.

I might bring back the old concept articles I used to write helping people branch out, by the way. Primers, of sorts. I wrote several for PWPonderings before they had that big crash and lost everything a while back. I planned on doing some for 411mania when I was set to start writing for them, but I decided to go ahead and just do my own thing with this blog in the end.

Enough rambling, let's talk about these matches.

The first semi-final was pretty good. Titan and Cavenario make a fun pair. I especially liked the shots fired between the two, and even though the finish was a bit off it was a nice addition to have Caristico tap to his own move.

The second semi was a highlight reel sprint, with everyone playing their hits for six minutes. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see Mistico and Cuatrero win here.

Volador's Avengers style attire was pretty sweet, and the finals in general were great. CMLL are the kings of high drama lucha and this one was highly entertaining.

I said you'd be best served watching just these three to get your fix, and I stand by that. If you want about an hour of pure, lucha fun, look no further!

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