IMPACT+ Replacing GWN, More...

Impact Plus
Impact has announced their new streaming service, IMPACT PLUS. It seems safe to assume this is related to the lawsuit with JJ, and the new option will indeed be replacing the former GWN. It also seems safe to assume it will essentially be the same thing with a different skin. It launches May 1st.

In related news, the promotion ran their Rebellion special last night which saw Cage finally take the championship. He was taken to the hospital after the event with a back related injury.

Here is his statement:
Not how I wanted or ever imagined this incredible night would end. I’ve chased this moment and have dreamt about this my entire life. And to have this be the outcome, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t break my heart.

I'll be posting a review soon, but also note than LAX are the new kings of the tag division and that Elgin is now with the company.

For a full review and look at the show, click here.

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