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Matches from wXw Amerika Ist Wunderbar
1.Starr vs Lucky Kid ***1/2
2.wXw Tag Titles: Aussie Open(c) vs Work Horsemen ***1/2
3.wXw World Title: Gunns(c) vs Irie ***1/2

Starr and this year's 16 Carat Gold winner, Lucky Kid, put in for a hard-worked contest to kick off this set of pulls. Starr has been great this year, and I love the spirit and intensity he's showing lately. To be fair, he has been a standout for a long time now, but he seems closer to fully breaking out now that perhaps ever. Lucky Kid is also being set up for something big, and might very well be the face of wXw by the end of the year if they keep this momentum going. Time will tell.

The tag match was borderline great, and simply a fun contest in general. While I had no expectations of seeing Drake and Henry walk out with the belts, it didn't really take anything away from this. I will say that I see Aussie Open in NXT sooner than later. While I rated all of these the same score, this was the match of the night by a hair and was just an inch from a higher rating.

The main event hit the levels I expected, though never surpassed them. Both are capable of better, but together this is about the cap. Still, that's fine as it was still a fun watch and I'd recommend checking it out even if it wasn't a MOTYC. I've said before that not every match needs to be a five star clash, and this is another example of that.

All three of these were pretty good, adding up for a very entertaining experience. If you aren't watching wXw, you're missing out.