Top 5 Weekly Wrestling Programs You Should Be Watching

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With hundreds of hours of wrestling each week, it can be hard to pick what to watch. Well, I'm going to make your life easier. I've picked five weekly wrestling shows for you here. Watching these five guarantees that you'll get the best quality for the amount of time.

-Ring of Honor TV
The booking might suck at times (a problem that is less of an issue so far this year) but Ring of Honor still pumps out one heck of an entertaining show most weeks. With the formation of Lifeblood, the debut of Rush, and the reign of Lethal still going strong, ROH remains one of the best alternative wrestling feds out there.
Where to watch: FITE every Monday

-AAA Worldwide
I give Konnan full credit for saving this sinking ship last year and now AAA is back to being a wildly entertaining program. If you still love the old Attitude Era days, check this one out. Blending lucha libre action with over-the-top plots, AAA has the spirit of WWF that has been missing from WWE all of these years.
Where to watch: YouTube every Weekend

-WWE 205Live
Yes, the show started rough but 205Live has been one of the best wrestling shows each week since Triple H took over early last year. NXT might be the top source of quality within WWE's walls due to their TakeOver shows, but 205 is a better all around weekly series and really deserves a second chance from those who haven't returned since the Enzo days.
Where to watch: Hulu every Wednesday

-MLW Fusion
I was going to include Impact on this list, but most weeks Major League is just a better version of what Impact puts out. That said, Impact is still largely enjoyable but I just prefer Fusion. So much, in fact, that it's basically the only weekly show I personally watch every single week. They do a lot of the small things right and put out a consistent show that goes down smooth. The only big issues of late include the Rush situation and one bad set of tapings, but I still encourage you to give them a look.
Where to watch: YouTube every Saturday

-CMLL Viernes Espectacular
This is CMLL's main show and typically their best weekly output. If you want more traditional lucha libre, this should be on your radar. Note that nearly every match is contested under three fall rules and most are multiman contests. If you are ok with that, be prepared for some of the most athletic performers in the business taking to the air each week.
Where to watch: YouTube every Friday

*Know that I made this with the presumption that anyone reading watches New Japan via the World app instead of the AXS show*

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