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To make it easier, here's the best of January. Everything is listed by rating, and then by date for those with the same grade. Check out the full list of required viewing here.

10.Tanahashi vs KUSHIDA ****1/4

9.Undisputed Era vs War Raiders ****1/4

8.Takashi vs Ito ****1/4

7.Violent Giants vs Strong BJ ****1/4

6.Grizzled Young Vets vs Mustache Mountain ****1/4

5.Ashino vs T-Hawk ****1/4

4.Gargano vs Ricochet ****1/2

3.Ospreay vs Kota ****1/2

2.Naito vs Jericho ****1/2

1.Omega vs Tanahashi ****1/2