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Matches from All Japan Dream Power Series Night Six
1.AJPW Jr Heavyweight Title: Koji(c) vs Kotaro ***1/2
2.AJPW World Tag Titles: Strong BJ(c) vs Violent Giants ****
3.Triple Crown Title: Kento(c) vs Nomura ****1/2

Three worthwhile title matches from All Japan's recent show prove once more that they remain one of Japan's top sources for those seeking quality wrestling.

The junior division match was pretty good, though there was some roughness throughout. Luckily, the intensity level near the end picked up enough to make up for it, though.

Strong BJ and the Violent Giants gave us a borderline MOTYC tag at the beginning of the year, so I was very excited to see a rematch. This time, they gave us another killer outing even if it wasn't quite as good as the last one. It sucks to see Sekimoto and Okabayashi drop the belts, but at least we have this fantastic contest to enjoy.

To close the show, All Japan ace, Kento Miyahara, took on fellow NEXTREAM partner, Nomura Naoya. It's a big deal seeing a 25 year old challenge for the Triple Crown against a 30 year old champ, if you ask me. The future is bright for All Japan. This was fantastic, as expected, and a 30 minute war that climaxed nicely and a must-see encounter like basically every Kento defense. Match of the year contender.

It's worth noting that I am going to have to get a new laptop soon, and I will resume work on the documentary at that time. If you would like to participate in any fashion, contact me.

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