Select Match Reviews: WWE Matches of the Week

Matches from WWE Week of 03/18/19
1.Nese vs Alexander ***3/4
2.Cole vs Black vs Ricochet vs Dream vs Riddle ****1/4

I almost included two others here (Seth/Drew and the gauntlet from Smackdown) but I decided to skip them. The Raw match just didn't interest me enough and I didn't have time for the gauntlet. I hadn't heard enough praise for it and an hour is a lot of time to give a "single" wrestling match.

The first pull of the week is the finals of the tournament to pick a Mania weekend challenger for Buddy. I love that the finals were between these two, and I am happy they had Nese win. Alexander was a safe choice, but I want to see Tony in a spotlight match like this. This one was freaking great.

The last WWE match of the week is bittersweet for me. One on hand, this was fantastic. On the other, it really does suck that Ciampa had to relinquish the belt this way. His reign was one of my favorite championship runs last year, but fate can be a real bitch. Cole winning to set up Gargano/Cole during Mania weekend is a nice choice and I presume to see the leader of Undisputed Era as the face of NXT soon. When you click to watch this one...don't blink!

There might have only been two WWE matches this week that I am recommending, but they are truly fantastic and worth every second. Too bad the actual main roster isn't trying hard to sell the big show. Guess they know diehards watch anything they do. Oh well, go watch both as soon as you can.

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