Select Match Reviews: Falling Golden Star

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Matches from NJPW New Japan Cup Night Seven
1.Tanahashi vs Taguchi ***1/4
2.Sabre vs Kota ***3/4

We continue to work toward the finals of the New Japan Cup as well as the G1 Supercard. Night seven of the tournament presented us with two enjoyable matches.

Tanahashi and Taguchi was a fun way to kick this one off. Taguchi stepped up again here, as he tends to do in these spots. While the outcome was never really in question meaning the drama was missing, they both put in well enough to make this one enjoyable and almost good enough to fully recommend. Fairly good stuff.

The real star of the night was Sabre and Kota's clash. Great match, and an easy recommendation. The tech-wizard is on a nice run. They worked a creative contest with the victor never being a guarantee. Check that one out for sure.

Night 8 will likely be reviewed tomorrow. I am expecting to see Okada and Tanahashi in the finals, but we'll see.

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