Select Match Reviews: The Dark Side

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Matches from Dragon Gate Champion Gate Night Two
1.Mochizuki Dojo vs MaxiMuM ***1/2
2.Open the Twin Gate Titles: Big Ben(c) vs Tribe Vanguard ***1/2
3.Open the Dream Gate Title: PAC(c) vs Skywalker ****

One of the most highly anticipated shows of the month, Dragon Gate looks like they've given us a few worth sinking our teeth into.

Up first, we have Hyo and Yuki of the Mochizuki Dojo unit taking on MaxiMuM's Doi and Dragon Kid. Like the main event, this is a test of sorts. Naruki and DK are pillars of Dragon Gate and taking them on here means you need to step up big. Yuki, in particular, looked promising and stood out. This was a pretty good contest.

The second pull saw the tag belts of DG on the line. KAI continues to prove me wrong, looking good here again. Both teams worked hard and the action was solid. Like the last one, this was pretty good.

Dragon Gate has been building Shun Skywalker up at a nice rate, making it clear that he is going to be a big part of the company's future. His biggest test? Taking on the man at the top of the mountain for the Dream Gate belt.

PAC was great as usual as was Shun, and they worked together very well. Skywalker proved that he can main event a major show here, setting the stage for his eventual win. PAC got to add another defense to his reign, which I am hoping continues for a few more months.

All three of these are worth catching, but make sure to watch the fantastic main event if nothing else.

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