Select Match Reviews: Chaos Theory

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Match from EVOLVE 120
1.Gargano vs Theory ***1/2

I'll eventually get to watching the EVOLVE stuff I have left over from 2018....right? Anyway, I really do enjoy this company even if I don't watch as often as I do other stuff. I gave Gabe a hard time recently, too, but that's because he's been coming off as fake lately. I get his position, but it doesn't mean I agree completely. As long as the content remains good and the workers are being taken care of, though, I don't really care.

So, anyway, building off of the main event from 119, we have the heart of NXT taking on the rising star of EVOLVE.

Really, this was pretty good and I appreciated the level of intensity they showcased. Theory looked hungry to prove his worth once more, stepping up nicely against Gargano. Sadly, the circus show finish lessened the overall match, but I appreciate what they were going for here.

Moderately recommended.

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