Select Match Reviews: 16 Carat Pt.1

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Matches from wXw 16 Carat Gold Night One
1.Fenix vs Rey Horus ***1/4
2.Sekimoto vs Ilja ***1/2
3.WALTER vs Starr ***3/4

It's time to dig into this year's edition of wXw's big tournament. Three pulls from night one.

The first match here was a high-octane spotfest that saw both playing their hits for about eight minutes. Fun stuff and a fairly good match.

Next, Sekimoto and Ilja had a pretty good encounter. It wasn't an epic clash or anything, but they worked well together and I thought it was entertaining enough to recommend.

We end this one with another killer performance by WALTER and Starr, who have had one of the best rivalries in wrestling lately. David Starr is one of the best at playing the underdog role, and WALTER plays the beast spot to perfection. This is another great chapter in their feud, so make sure you don't miss it.

The other two nights will be posted about soon, but with opening day tomorrow it'll likely be on Friday when it happens. Just a heads up. Anyway, if you haven't watched anything from this year's tournament, start here.

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