Justice League: War Review

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I mentioned that I'd be watching and reviewing the DCAMU when I posted my thoughts on the film that kicked off the continuity. War is the official first film of the shared universe, and most of DC's animated releases since have been part of it. Note that most of them are influenced or adaptations of New 52 plots. War is an adaptation of Geoff John's Justice League: Origin.

So, I know that the big screen Justice League movie received pretty mixed reviews. That's understandable. But for those who had issues with the film, I think War is the perfect fix.

War is an entertaining team-up film, with origins, action, and comedy thrown together nicely. Green Lantern comes off pretty bad here, which might be my biggest complaint. The fast pace works well enough, but might also be a turn off for some.

The best things going for War are the Cyborg storyline and I found the Wonder Woman sections to be pretty fun. The overall plot might not be the strongest, but it was a serviceable entry point for the DCAMU and a pretty good film all things considered.

Sure, Justice League: War has some problems, but you should still give it a chance. There's enough charm here that it'll likely win you over, too.

Rating: ***1/2

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