Select Match Reviews: Wolves, Bastards, Assassins, & Pals

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Matches from RevPro High Stakes
1.Team White Wolf vs Besties in the World ***1/4
2.PAC vs Ospreay ****

Revolution Pro doesn't get as much love from me as they likely deserve, but I try to show respect and check out recommended matches no matter where they are from. It's not even that I dislike the company. They are, in many ways, the British Ring of Honor. It's just that I have never been inclined to check out more than I have to from them, for some reason.

That said, these two matches were recommended to me so let's dig in.

Up first from the two pulls, we have the White Wolf boys at it again this time against the Besties. Fun fact, but the guitarist of my high school band and one of the few people I care about is actually the sister of Vega.  The two teams put in for a good contest, though there were a few misteps. I hope to see A-Kid, especially, continue to show up randomly around the world like he has been.

Lastly, we have the Open the Dream Gate Champion taking on the NEVER Openweight Champion. For that reason, a shit finish was expected and, indeed, that is what we were given. Despite that, the two entertained in a fantastic contest that lived up decently to my personal expectations. Shenanigans or not, the quality wasn't diminished as much as you'd think simply because these two are such high level workers and the whole thing felt special.

If you want to watch 45 minutes of solid action, go ahead and add these two to your watch list. At the very least, the main event should make the cut.

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