Select Match Reviews: Follow the Golden Brick Road

Matches from wXw Road to 16 Carat Gold in London
1.Ilja vs Lucky Kid vs Brookes vs Gunns vs Thatcher ***3/4
2.wXw Unified World Title: Absolute Andy(c) vs David Starr ***3/4

As wXw heads toward this year's big 16 Carat Gold tournament, they were nice enough to give us a little treat in these two matches.

The first pull was made in the last minute. Kid Lykos' injury turned this from a six-man into a chaotic, five way cluster. In some promotions, this one would be a MOTY contender, but wXw can just throw them together on the random. Everyone got to look great, the crowd was hot, and the action was steady. Check that one out for sure.

We close with Absolute Andy defending the top strap against the constant underdog and the always exquisite, David Starr. While Starr remains the bridesmaid, he looked great in defeat. Hopefully enough so, to the backstage brass, that he will have a better spot in the company going forward. In all, another defense worth checking out.

Both of these were great matches.

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