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Matches from AAA at Centro de Usos Multiples en Mazatlan
1.Laredo Kid vs Taurus ****
2.AAA Latin American Title: Drago(c) vs Evans vs Vikingo vs Flamita ***1/2
3.La Parka,Psyco Clown(,Jinetes del Aire) vs Kross,Escorpion ***1/4

Anyone who has asked me about AAA over the years can confirm that I tend to describe them as a mix of lucha libre and WWF Attitude Era insanity. This show is a perfect example of what I mean when I say that.

We start this time with Laredo Kid taking on the massive bull of a man, Taurus. No story, literally thrown together at the last minute, and fantastic, nonstop action. Taurus is one of the best guys in AAA that they never know what to do with. Laredo is one of the best workers that no one has ever really known what to do with all of these years, but is in the middle of a drawn out push that comes and goes. The good news is that they killed it here. Check this one out for sure.

Up next, we have Drago defending his Latin American Championship for the second time, once more in a randomly assorted four way. Chaotic layout, as expected. Like last time, if Drago's reign is going to be full of these types of defenses, I hope he gets a long run. While not as good as the Laredo Kid contest that we started with, it was fun enough to suggest watching as well. Pretty good match.

Now, for our main event. This one is sure to be polarizing, but was wildly entertaining. Attitude Era style, with two members of Jinetes del Aire actually coming in to replace spots in the tecnico team and Mercanario interference. Laredo replaced La Parka and Vikigo replaced Laredo shortly after. It felt a bit long winded at times, but also felt like separate matches due to the run ins. Vikingo was arguably the MVP of this whole event despite being pinned twice. Good match, worth seeing for the insanity if nothing else, but know that you're in for a wild ride ahead of time.

I was curious what kind of show AAA would throw after the AEW announcement, and the outcome was a nice surprise. If you are new to AAA, or haven't seen them in a long time, check these three out.