1.MLW Tag Titles:Lucha Bros(c) vs Hart Foundation **1/4
2.Kotto vs Martinez **
3.MLW World Title:Low Ki(c) vs Lawlor **1/2

I figured that kicking off the new review format with MLW sounded like a nice idea. It's one of the few shows I bother watching regularly, and the card looked pretty stacked. Sadly, this was not the show I was hoping it would be.

The opener was rough, with only the apron spot and the finish coming off well. The general clunkiness made what should have been a big moment feel less important, and I can't help but thinking that having Pillman in instead of Davey that things would have been better.

Our midcard match started well enough, but it all feel apart by the end. I had hopes that we'd get a nice barnburner that elevated both, but this feels more like a setback.

After two matches that were average in every way possible, I couldn't help but notice that less than ten minutes remained for the main event. Low Ki, much like Teddy, has been seemingly revived by MLW and I actually found myself enjoying his reign as the top dog of the company. A title change seemed likely here, after months of build up, but I admit I was hoping to see a successful defense and a few more months tacked on to the run. Oh well. Lawlor is at least a great choice to replace Low Ki as the new face of the company. The match itself was ok, but it never really found a good groove and the table spot was one of the weakest I've ever seen.

I give props to MLW for being enjoyable each week, but this was far from what I was expecting and a disappointment as a result. The good news is that I am hopeful for the future of the brand still, and very interested in seeing what's next regardless of this misstep.
Just find highlights or wait for recaps on the next episode and skip this one.

Overall Rating: 55/100%

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