Vermont Green start 2024 campaign tonight!!

Boston City FC hosts Vermont Green in both club's season opener in their 2024 USL2 runs tonight. 

When I had first noticed that this game was scheduled, and was occurring about an hour from me, I figured I'd try to go. I first went to Boston's site to find ticket info. Nothing. I looked up the location for the game. Their site had no info of real consequence. I called the listed phone numbers on both sites the next day. Nothing. One number turned out to be a local middle school and the person that answered just transferred me to a number with a full mailbox. Maybe I'm being a bit much, but I think it's fair to know how much something costs before trying to bring four people along. 

Is it free? 5 bucks a person? Who fucking knows, because now it costs 3x as much to get groceries every week so it could just as easily end up requiring a severed finger and some minor medieval humiliation to enter the game. It'd be nice to actually have some info ahead of time, is my point.

Still, I figured it was just a free game considering it's at a small school's little field for the second league of the USL. Make no mistake, and just for the record, I actually do appreciate the USL. At least, I do a lot more than I do the ML$. I also recognize that soccer is an afterthought for many in this country, especially in regards to domestic league content, and I sincerely doubt I could have polled 100 people around town today and found a single one that knew about Boston City FC. Maybe a few would have known about Revolution, but even then it would have been minimal. Two people?

The weather was a bit shit, to be honest, too. It rained all day yesterday, was foggy in the morning, and was supposed to stick around the mid-50's from morning into the night. As a result, even going felt like something that'd require more effort than the home team had put into promoting this one and themselves. 

I also knew it'd be a lot harder to get the whole family to want to go in those conditions.

Luckily, the solution was a live stream. While I am sure a live attendance where we would have likely out-numbered the home fans by two would have made for a cool sight, I opted to instead pick this option. If you're interested in going, let me know how the experience went.

This is where it's happening. Tonight at 7 EST.

Vermont Green name captains.

Check out the Match Preview Here

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