Three CHAMPIONSHIP matches on this week's We are STARDOM!!

This edition starts at my favorite visual wrestling spot in the world with the New Blood Tag Team Championships on the line as STARS' Hanan and Saya defend against HANAKO and Waka of ENV. It's a good one. Next, we jump to Sendai and watch ENV's Maika, Mina, and Xena face Syuri, MIRAI, and Sourei for their Artist of STARDOM Titles. It's alright, but perhaps a touch below the quality of the episode opener. Last, AphroditE put their Goddesses straps on the line against Crazy Star (Mei Seira and Suzu Suzuki) in our MOTN.

This is a good episode overall, taking the brand to smaller venues and highlighting multi-woman divisions with three title matches. It's hard to complain about that!

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