Too long for TikTok, so instead it had to go on the platform of ours that has no real following. We surpass 500 subscribers, but our content has never been supported. Places like Facebook, where we close in on 3k, gets limited views unless the topic we're posting about in no way challenges the status quo. It's a clear message that we're supposed to stay in line.

When I was a campaign manager & social media lead in Texas up against Chip Dipshit Roy and generic fake ass lawyer #4257, they kept trying to teach me that message, too.

I'm not even allowed to monetize this page and this is the main hub for the brand.

Note that Occupied isn't honestly a piece I 100% agree with. I'm personally harsher than he was. It's still a rather decent 7-minute documentary that I think is worth checking out. Check it out on The RW+B Channel and help us get a few views on this if you're interested.


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