Liverpool beat Wolverhampton, end 3rd on table

Weeks ago the discussion was whether or not Liverpool would win...everything. They'd end up only with the Carabao and send Klop off with one of the biggest collapses in recent football history. The quarter-finals were the graveyard Shankly's boys in regards to the Europa and FA Cups and they'd end 3rd in the EPL.

A 2-0 home victory close to the year will just have to be enough. It's hard to complain about getting so close to such a perfect season, but it's hard not to considering the potential here and everything we had seen before the downward spiral began.

Watch the meaningless game's highlights above if you want, consider pissing off the MLS and checking out their US tour if you're in the area and can afford to do it, and be ready for Slot's Pool to be an interesting experiment.

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